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Morocco is an excellent place to hold a seminar, conference, meeting, or event. We can help you plan these perfectly, making sure all your needs are met and everything runs smoothly. Whatever your business requires We can help make sure that everything goes according to plan and that your time in Morocco is productive and enjoyable.

Choice of Place

Each and every business or client will have differing needs and concepts. We understand this and can work to tailor an event venue to your specific requirements. Our large database provides us with the ability to cooperate with a wide range of venues for accommodation and events and to supply every client or business with a place that is ideally suited to their specific needs. We will work with you to determine a budget, as well as your other needs and preferences, to find the professional venue that is right for your event.

Event Planning

When you choose to hold your business event in Morocco, we can offer an in-depth planning service. We will provide conference schedules, budgeting, and a total post-analysis of each event. We will undertake all design and preparation work to make sure that your ideal venue is perfect for your needs. What is more, we will undertake the registration of all attending individuals, explanatory pre-event conferences for collaborating corporations, the creation of guidelines for each of them, as well as arranging any necessary decorations for your venues.

Sound & Multimedia

In addition to arranging and planning the major logistical, planning, and design elements of your seminar, conference, meeting, or event, we will also take care of all sound and multimedia requirements. We will make sure you have all the basic equipment you require for your event or presentations. Since there is nothing more embarrassing than a technical problem on the big day. We will also provide technical support for sound and multimedia equipment during your event. So, you can relax and rest assured that everything will operate as it should.

Event Materials Making

We understand that the event itself can often be the culmination of a longer effort involving advertising and outreach. Should you require advice on the creation of a conference logo, advertising materials, or other marketing material for your business, We can also help you with these items to make sure everything goes smoothly throughout the run-up to your professional event. Our design and advertising expertise can help you create a professional and top-notch impression from the very beginning of your event right through to its successful conclusion.


Food is another important element when arranging a business event. No matter what your requirements are with regard to the venue and other details, We are ready to assist you in feeding those who gather for the occasion. We can effectively control all suppliers and make sure that food and beverage requirements are met, as well as make dining or other food arrangements with the selected venue. Working within your specific budget and requirements and meeting any specific requests that you may have with regards to food and drink. We will cater your event from beginning to end.


Accommodation, in conjunction with the venue, is likely to be one of the key priorities when arranging a conference, seminar, meeting, or other professional event. Whether you are looking for a top-end, luxury accommodation option or something more suited to a more limited budget, We can help arrange exactly what you are looking for. We understand the importance of having the right accommodation for those who will attend and can help you make sure that you find the right hotel options for your staff or clients. No matter your needs and desires, We can find and arrange the accommodations that are perfect for your requirements, preferences, and budget.


We aim to make sure that everything goes smoothly for each and every attending individual, from their arrival in Morocco right through to their eventual departure, and at every stage along the way. Therefore, We provide transfers for guests to their accommodation upon arrival and from their accommodation to their point of departure when the event is over. Also, we take care of all transportation between hotels and other venues throughout the entirety of any planned event. Through efficient planning and organization. We can help get everyone where they need to be and make sure everything runs according to schedule.

Entertainment Programs

We understand that all work and no play do not usually make for a successful business event. So, Morocco is an enticing place to visit. In addition to arranging for and planning all the essential elements of your seminar, conference, meeting, or other professional events, We will provide entertainment programs catering to your specific needs to make sure you and other attendees can make the most of your time in the country. We can arrange a wide array of different visits, conferences, and leisure tours with a variety of different itineraries. Wine tourist guides and wine tastings, lunches, or dinners, as well as other entertainment programs, can be selected. So, you can always make sure that everyone has a great time.

Our end-to-end service means that we can be your go-to for all your seminars, conferences, meetings, and business events in Morocco. Contact us, and you can rest assured that your professional event will go off without a hitch and that you will have a great time while visiting this magical country.




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