Privacy is a big deal in the world of the internet. When you visit a website and enter your e-mail and other private data, it must be used only by the administrators of that site, and no one else should have access to it. We respect your right to privacy and have stringent privacy standards in place when it comes to the information we collect about our clients. We will never share or trade your e-mail address or particular data with any other corporation or mailing list without your permission.

Information Request

According to the terms of this policy, information that is collected by Top Morocco Travel is the exclusive property of Top Morocco Travel. This information will not be sold, shared, or rented to anybody else in any manner not explicitly described here. At various points on our website, we may gather information from our users. We ask for the following kinds of personal data:

  • Your Name
  • Personal Address
  • Your E-mail
  • Cell number

When you make a reservation for one of our tour packages, we will need this information.

Use of Information

When you place a purchase, we will utilize the information you supply about yourself to fulfill your order.

  • Complete the purchase of our travel packages, which are customized to meet your needs.
  • Make sure all of your travel plans are in order.
  • It is our goal for you to have the greatest possible browsing experience on our site every time you visit us again and again.

How We Protect This Information

To keep your information safe, keep it secure, and make sure it is used the way you want .We have put in place suitable physical, technological, and administrative protections and security processes to preserve and protect the data we receive electronically. We will continue to monitor and update these safeguards and security protocols as necessary. We also utilize third-party vendors to help us protect and secure the information we receive electronically, such as encryption software.

Disclosure to Third Parties

We will not disclose or sell any of your private details to a third party without your consent or unless forced to do so by law., our users, or others may be at risk if we do not make this information available.

Right of Access and Rectification of Transmitted Data

Your rights include access to, modification of, correction of, and deletion of any personal data you may have in agreement with “Moroccan Law No. 09-08 of February 18, 2009” on the protection of persons with respect to the handling of individual data.

Links to Third Party Sites

Other websites may have ties to the top Moroccan travel website (“Linked Sites”). Top Morocco Trip has no control over the linked sites and disclaims all responsibility for their content, including any links included within, or for any changes or additions to the linked sites. This means that Top Morocco Travel isn’t in charge of the linked sites, and Top Morocco Travel isn’t in charge of what’s on them. We are not responsible for webcasting or any other transmission that comes from a connected website. It doesn’t mean that Top Morocco Travel likes the site or has a relationship with the people who run it. These links are just for your convenience.


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This little text file is called a “cookie.” The website may be tailored to a user’s preferences with the use of cookies, which we employ to make it better for them. A “cookie” is a little portion of data that is saved on a guest’s PC for a certain amount of time or until it is removed. The “Session cookies” are cookies that are saved in the computer’s memory just for the duration of a visit to a particular website. When a web browser is closed, session cookies are removed from the system.

Controlling Cookies

The majority of web browsers permit the storing of cookies. It is possible to disable this feature if you do not wish to enable it. The help feature of your online browser will provide you with instructions on how to do this.

To opt-out of being monitored by “Google Analytics” across all websites, go to the “Google analytics tools” page and follow the instructions.

Changes to Privacy Notice

This page will be updated if we make any changes to our privacy policy. As a result, you’ll always be aware of how we utilize the data we gather. In the event that we publish modifications to these terms, your constant usage of our website will signify your approval of such changes.

If you have any questions about this website or your transactions with this website, you can talk to the people below.

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